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The ARK studio Ark-shelter is the ideal off-grid getaway from a busy life


比利时ARK 工作室一直以来的设计理念是将建筑纳入自然,进而得到本原的回归。在过去的三年里,该工作室一直致力于改造、建造和实验不同类型的“ARK庇护所”。工作室希望在大自然的中心提供一个舒适的空间,供人们清空思想。在这个概念的支持下,ARK工作室设计了新形式的庇护所——预制“融入自然的小屋”。40㎡住宅的五个侧面均有开洞,这使得空间完全暴露在自然环境中。每个开口都会带来其独特的氛围。

The philosophy behind belgium based studio ARK is returning to the basics by providing a simple dwelling within nature. Over the past three years the studio has been working on re-designing, building and testing different types of ‘Ark-shelters’. The aim is to provide a place that of comfort in the heart of the nature where one can detox their mind. With this perspective ARK has created a new shelter type — the prefabricated ‘into the wild cabin’. As the 40m2 dwelling is surrounded by openings on each of its five sides, it is entire exposed to its natural surroundings. Each opening brings in a new atmosphere.


Images by Jakub Skokan and Martin T?ma / Boysplaynice


The transformability of the the Ark-shelter by ARK offers the dweller multiple states of enclosure. When the side wall and front window are fully opened, one has the sense of sitting outside. The milk-glass window in the bathroom lets in soft natural sunlight while maintaining privacy. A module set into the roof acts as a large skylight, letting natural light in from above during the day while at night allowing the dweller to sleep under a sky full of stars.